Privacy Policy

isoTimer was built to help you organize your life. That means you can input or store in isoTimer any text that you choose. If you use the web app or turn on synchronization on the mobile app, any data you have entered (your events, tasks, goals, notes, contacts, etc.) will be sent to our server. On the server, your data is protected and not viewed or analyzed in any way. Your data is not shared with any third parties. We do not and will not sell your personal information. Your data is only stored for the convenience of syncing between your devices.

We will use your email address and password as identifiers. To provide the best service possible, we may store your browser language, time zone and screen resolution. We do not collect and log Internet or information on how you access and use isoTimer. We do not collect the IP address you use to connect, nor do we store your location information from a mobile device.

If you create or log into an isoTimer account using your Google credentials via single sign-on, we will have access to certain information such as your name and email address as authorized in your Google Apps profile settings. This data is synced with the server and used as an identifier, but is not processed or shared in any way.

On the mobile app, you can attach contacts from the contacts provider of the device to tasks or events. If synchronization is turned on, these contacts will be sent to the server, but these contacts are not processed or shared with third parties. On the mobile app, you can also activate synchronization of Google Tasks or Google Calendar. Mind that identifiers of the synchronized data will be sent to our server in case isoTimer sync is active.

The web app uses cookies to assist with user authentication and remembering user preferences.

To provide troubleshooting and customer support, we may need to access your information, such as your account email address. We will not disclose your information to law enforcement or other governmental authorities unless we believe it is required to comply with warrants, court orders or other lawful government requests.

Your data is yours. You can manage your data simply by logging into your account and editing your information directly within the isoTimer service. You have the right to withdraw consent to upload data to the server and you can request to delete your account and all associated data at any time.

The current version of the Privacy Policy is available at any time at: Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about data protection, you are welcome to also contact us by email at this email address:

Last updated: March 21, 2021